Gift Ideas for Somebody Who Knows Little More Than the Inside of a Mine

For those who spend their time doing heavy labor, buying gifts can seem like the possible task. However, just because you spend the majority of your day looking at the inside of a mine and driving heavy-rig machinery doesn’t mean that you don’t want to show somebody that you care.

To help you out in this regard, below are some great gift ideas that cover the major occasions, a Wedding, Easter, and a Baby Shower.




Let’s start with the most celebratory of the events, a wedding! Often the exact opposite of a mine, a wedding is filled with bright (and clean) faces all celebrating two people finding love. While the majority of guests are likely to all choose similar items, such as the traditional kettle, cutting board, or a taster, think outside the box.

  • Champagne flutes with the name of the bride and groom engraved on them is a great personal gift that they can display on their mantle for years to come. Even better if they open the presents at the wedding then it is a gift they can celebrate with immediately.
  • If champagne flutes aren’t your thing, consider a commemorative photo frame which includes details of their wedding at the bottom of the frame, Inside, you can include a voucher for them to attend a private photography studio session to have a photo taken which they can use to fill the frame.



Easter is a bit of a tricky one because the majority of children are going to get chocolate from everybody. However, there are other easter traditions which, while including chocolate, also include other items.

  • A decorative egg basket to use as they walk around the garden looking for eggs is a great gift for any youngster and can really brighten up the event. If you are looking to take it p a notch buy the items required to make the basket, and sit with your child during the morning and make it together before they head out into the yard to hunt!
  • Of course, once all of the chocolate eggs have been found you will need somewhere to put them. Similar to the tip above, consider decorating a jar together with Easter themed designs which you can use to keep all of the chocolate eggs, That is, until they’re all gone!


Baby Showers

Often the hardest to buy for, baby showers are surprisingly easy events to find gifts for.

  • Parents can never have enough onesies. Whether they are plain, colored, or have patterns and designs, a onesie is a parent’s best friend. Before the event, head to the Groupon Coupons page for Babies R Us and order a mixed packet of onesies or a selection of your choosing as the perfect gift.
  • Of course, if you are looking for an alternative, consider a bath set which includes baby friendly soaps and shampoos, along with a cute rubber duck and a baby towel.


Just because you are used to heavy work doesn’t mean you don’t have a sensitive side and want to show affection towards your friends and family, and these are some great ways to do just that!